Shipping From UK/US To Nigeria – Important Points To Cross Check

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Whether you own an international business of online shopping or any export house, you may require shipping your products and services to customers spread worldwide. This facilitates an urgent requirement for you to understand the important guidelines of the custom departments. While you are shipping from UK to Nigeria or US to Nigeria, every country has its own set of custom rules as well as regulations that require your major consideration.

Thus, you also need to remain attentive while collaborating with any shipping company in Nigeria. Opt for such companies that hold significant years of experience in the field and compliance with NVOCC standards.

Major ports at Nigeria:
Port Onne
Port Apapa
Port Harcourt
Port Calabar
Port Pennington

Must-have documents

Shipping from US to Nigeria requires you to have the following g essential documents –
Work Remit
Residence change certification
Residence permit
Shipping inventory
An authorization letter in the name of destination agent for clear shipment.
PUBD form
Sale 48 form

Major factors to consider

The process of shipping from UK to Nigeria also requires your major attention on the following key factors:
Shipping only non-prohibited items – Most of the countries allow the shipping of some particular items only thereby prohibiting numerous items. Thus, you need to have a clear idea of what are the legitimate things for shipping.
Packaging – The next major concern is the packaging of your goods. Since international shipments involve simultaneous loading as well as unloading of the goods, you need to safe and well-protected packaging of the goods.




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