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Inland Transportation

SARO Transcontinental also offers shipping and freight forwarding services through inland transportation in Nigeria.

Domestic businesses are entirely reliant on inland freight forwarding services that are fast, dependable, and cost-effective. These essential services create a rock-solid launch-pad for their future growth.

We have dedicated teams for managing our inland transportation and freight forwarding orders. No matter which category of shipment you tend to ship, we can handle your shipments with utmost care, without delaying on the promised time. We have a wide inland network of warehouses and pick and drop points throughout the country, and we can deliver your consignments along with our promises, efficiently.

365 day-a-year, around-the-clock service from STL makes the many levels of domestic services possible:

Our dedicated transportation service is just that – dedicated to our customers. We take the time to understand your transportation needs and tailor the service to meet your requirements. STL can give you all the benefits of a private fleet without the costly investment in capital, and more importantly, without the associated risks and liabilities – letting you focus on your core business.

Our road transportation services are widely appreciated by our clients and we have also received several positive responses for our timely services. We use the best vehicles for transporting consignments from origin through to destination. As a result, we are reckoned as one of the best providers of road transport services in Nigeria.

Our current range of service capabilities include:

• Modern Comprehensive Vehicle Fleet
• Full ‘Goods in Transit’ Insurance
• Full National Coverage of all States
• 20 & 40 foot container carriage
• General cargo carriage

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