SaroTranscontinental-Nigerian shipping companies


Company Overview

Saro Transcontinental is a leading logistics service provider offering a complete portfolio of services to organizations of all sizes, STL gains access to comprehensive supply chain insights which enables more proactive responses to trends and challenges affecting the logistics industry.

Our proactive and continuous improvement approach ensures that our clients are supported with world-class technology, efficient business processes, and a highly effective team of professionals. Being an organization originally founded as an extension of a trucking company, STL has an innate understanding of the industry. Knowing the industry and focusing upon ease of business, STL drives out wasted efforts in communication and financial reconciliation. This approach drives mutually beneficial relationships with a long-term focus, and will continue to serve as the base for an enduring reputation as being a true partner.


In addition to building strong relationships with our client, Saro Transcontinental understands that our partnerships with our logistics partners are equally important. The strategic driving force that supports our value in the marketplace is based upon our continuous goal of being the preferred logistics partner to NVOCC,Shipping companies,Transportation and Warehousing providers.

Geographic Coverage

In addition to the rapid growth in trade within Nigeria, trade among the west, east ,south and north continues to grow at an exponential rate. As companies take advantage of sourcing and distribution opportunities across the world, STL provides the logistical support to achieve an efficient supply chain. STL’s expertise and extensive network throughout Nigeria empowers execution at the local, regional and national levels.

Our Responsibility


We are dedicated to providing superior quality service and meeting or exceeding customer expectations at every turn, primarily by making the safety and security of our people and protection of the environment our top priorities. This dedication is exemplified by our Quality Assurance commitment, which states “we will provide services for our customers in conformance with established procedures and requirements. Our work will be done right the first time and every time.”

As part of this effort, STL has developed a Management System that serves as the foundation of our corporate standards while defining processes to prevent deficiencies and encourage continual improvement. This system is based upon four key elements: Safety, Environment, Quality and Security. Our quality management system includes annual internal equipments, facility and office audits; third-party verification audits; document control and monthly measurements of key metrics.

It is well understood that logistics needs shall differ from client to client business model. STL plays a key role in assisting the client to select the best model to leverage his business. From Shipping line selection, Mode of shipment, Port of arrival , Inland Transportation , Warehouse selection , Our team of professionals at STL can help in solving this puzzle.

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