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Important Rules and Regulations for Shipping from UK to Nigeria

The Federal Republic of Nigeria owns 36 distinct states along with Abuja, the Federal Capital territory. Moreover, if you are planning on Shipping to Nigeria, then the country hosts a large number of shipping ports as well. Nigerian coastal waterways incorporate the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean.

The major shipping ports are as follows:

  • Port of Apapa
  • The Port Harcourt
  • Port of Onne
  • Port of Pennington and
  • Port of Calabar


Documents that you must have

When you require international shipping to Nigeria, it is important that you must have some vital documents, such as:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa
  3. Work Permit
  4. Residence permit
  5. Certificate of residence change
  6. Excise and Customs unaccompanied baggage declaration
  7. Form sale 48
  8. Shipping inventory
  9. PUBD form
  10. A letter that authorizes destination agent to clear shipment

Shipping from UK to Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa having strong language, historical and constitutional ties with the UK. When shipping to Nigeria from UK, you have to go through distinct set of customs policies and regulations. Like UK, the customs regulations practiced in Nigeria are also very strict and you need to ensure that no prohibited goods will include in your inventory. Always remember that all shipments on reaching Nigeria will undergo 100% inspection.

The Nigeria Customs Administration standardizes importation needs within the country. It takes robust stance against smuggling and even provides a hotline number for reporting suspected violations. The officials of this country are likewise clear about items prohibited from moving or shipping into Nigeria, these include:

  • Beef
  • Eggs
  • Pork
  • Bolted products
  • Refined fats
  • Special medications
  • Some soaps and fabrics
  • Ball point pens and many more

While shipping from UK to Nigeria, it is important that you possess all the requisite legal documents. Additionally, it is equally important to ship the products keeping in mind the list of prohibited ones; else, you may find yourself in a soup.

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