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Shipping from US to Nigeria? Here are a few Points to Double Check

If you are an online shopping business or export house that ships its products to customers based in different countries across the globe, then it is crucial for you to be aware of common guidelines set by their customs departments.


However, your shipping and clearing partners take care of all these aspects, but you, too, should have a detailed knowledge of these important factors.

  • Ship only those items that are NOT prohibited – Every country has a list of commodities, which they prohibit for trade and consumption inside their boundary. (For example, if you are shipping from US to Nigeria, you should check if the product that you are sending is in the safe shipping list of the Nigerian government.) You can get the list of items prohibited for shipping to Nigeria on a number of websites.
  • Understand the procedures – The shipping procedures are really complex and understanding them is essential for the export house, the seller, and most importantly, the shipping company. You need to make certain that you have completed your responsibilities at your end. Additionally, different means of shipping have different procedures and requirements. You need to understand this difference as well.
  • Precise fee should be paid – When you ship a product to an international destination, you are required to pay the fee, a certain amount of fee, which is decided as per the rules of the customs departments of the country. You should check if your shipping and clearing partners have paid that fee. (For expensive goods, you are required to pay a high fee during the customs clearance.)
  • Packaging – You need to pack your goods carefully and safely. Because, during international shipment, a package is loaded and unloaded several times, and has to go through various modes of transportation.

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