SaroTranscontinental-Nigerian shipping companies

Building strong relationships, Saro Transcontinental understands that our partnerships with our client and logistics partners are equally important. The strategic driving force that supports our value in the marketplace is based upon our continuous goal of being the preferred logistics partner to Importers, NVOCC, Freight Forwarders, Shipping Companies, Transportation and Warehousing providers.

In addition to the rapid growth in trade within Nigeria, trade among the west, east, south and north continues to grow at an exponential rate. As companies take advantage of sourcing and distribution opportunities across the world, Saro Transcontinental provide the logistical support to achieve an efficient supply chain. Our expertise and extensive network throughout Nigeria empowers execution at the local, regional and national levels. Our commitment to operational excellence will drive Saro Transcontinental’s economic model through growth in sales, cost control, and increased financial prosperity.

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